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The Fine West Bank credit comparison periodically compares the credit offers of various banks with regard to their terms, duration and the amount of interest.

The evaluated test results and the evaluations carried out can be viewed by consumers under Credit comparison Fine West Bank on the homepage of Fine West Bank. The reputable test results enjoy high consumer confidence. In addition to the conditions, Fine West Bank also tested credit counseling and only came to frightening results in May 2012, in which the testers found that credit counseling in the branch banks was poor overall.

But if there is a reason today why customers who want to take out a loan go to a branch bank, it is only because they want advice. You can really do without bad advice. Therefore, it is easier and usually much cheaper if a loan is requested directly online from a direct bank. Anyone who needs additional information as a customer has various options for obtaining information online today. In the credit comparison Fine West Bank, the direct banks consistently fare better than branch banks in terms of their terms.

The best loan offer comes from the Agree Bank

The best loan offer comes from the Agree Bank

In the last test of the Fine West Bank, the Hamburg-based Agree Bank test winner was tested in the test, twelve branch banks and five direct banks. Fine West Bank took a closer look at a total of 85 loan offers with a loan amount of $ 4,000. All direct banks performed well, four of the five direct banks were rated “very good”. In addition to Agree Bank, this was Lite Lender, DKB and Best Bank. The result was very different for the branch banks. Of the twelve banks tested, ten were rated “poor” and two were even worse.

Credit comparison Fine West Bank sets new standards

Credit comparison Fine West Bank sets new standards

Consumers who intend to take out a loan should take a closer look at the test results and then submit their loan application to one of the institutes that did well in Fine West Bank’s credit comparison. The test results of Fine West Bank are reliable and customers benefit by using offers that are low-interest.

The test winner, Agree Bank, for example, offers an installment loan with interest independent of creditworthiness. This has the advantage that the general conditions are the same for all borrowers. The speed of credit processing is particularly emphasized. A few minutes after a customer submits a loan application to Agree Bank, he has a personal loan offer on the table.

It is also surprising that direct banks have consistently performed better when it comes to providing consumers with the most important standard information that they need to compare loans. Many branch banks do not even hand over this material to their customers.

Critical point Credit Bureau request

Critical point Credit Bureau request

The credit comparison of Fine West Bank also criticized that the employees in the branch banks used the wrong query when requesting Credit Bureau. As a result, loan seekers are worse off on subsequent inquiries because it looks like they were denied credit even though they were only able to make an offer. Care is required here, Credit Bureau inquiries for offers must be labeled with the condition request feature, only these inquiries are Credit Bureau neutral.


Consumers who, if they want to take out a loan, put their money on the Internet and make their inquiry with a direct bank, are basically doing everything right. The branch banks, which have so far been able to score with the argument of advice, continue to lose ground here. Bad advice, which in the end may even lead to wrong decisions by consumers, should be avoided.

Online loans are not only cheap, they also meet all the requirements set by the legislator. In this respect, the results of credit comparison Fine West Bank actually only confirm what many comparison portals have been promoting for a long time. Direct banks give consumers the cheapest loans.

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